Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Thing First

money is not important, love is immortality ???

is that so, why million people get killed every hour in Iraq, Iran, Palestine?
because they haven't enough money to buy  weapons to fight the fucking shit America and its ally, Israel

is that so, why million of people died of starving in Africa?
because they haven't enough money to get things to swallow through their fucking throat

is that so, why million dead body lies along the road in Haity?
because they haven't enough money to build strong building to shelter of

is that so, why thausand children died in their mother's lap in India?
because his father haven't enough money to feed their mouth

then why sabariah can't marry kasim selamat at the first place?
because he have no maney to confirm the brighter future for his family and doesn't suit her family's standard which is have lots of money.

out of god's wish,that the typically sensible main reason i could think as i walk through the valley of time. then i came out with an idea, money is about life n death. so, thats why people fight like hell to be a minister.

p/s : then why sugars' price keep rising? because our lovely-kind hearted prime minister wanna keep his beloved nation safe from diabetes.


Lady Ann, said...

marah ker harga gula naek lagi ? hehe : )

therealme... said...

hahaha...aku org yg tanggung xder la terasa sgt...mum & dad aku ad la ngeluh sket..

charul said...

syoook read all of ur entries

therealme... said...

tq charul..hope u'll come again..=)


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